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At Noah Fashions a great deal of attention is given to the choice of Fabric. Our constant endeavor is to offer to customers the best quality shirts made of the finest quality of the fabric. The Noah shirts are precisely crafted from some of the world's finest fabrics. These bespoke shirts are made with superlative materials from the world famous mills. Our readymade shirts by John Louis are derived from unique collections of premium fabrics from one of the best mills, which guarantees a comfort and all-day performance. Our Fabric range includes 100% cotton, 100% Linen and cotton Linen blend fabrics. The following sections give a brief about the fabrics and weaves, which will help you to understand John Louis and Noah better. By understanding different fabric and what the different weaves mean for a fabric you can be sure to find the ideal dress shirt fabric for your needs.


Linen is a natural fiber, made from the stalk of a flax plant. It is considered as the best quality fabric. Europeans have long favored linen for their sheeting because of its amazing properties. It softens the more it is used and washed, is extremely durable and lasts decades when cared for correctly. It is not uncommon that European families will pass linen sheets on to the younger generation as an heirloom. Vintage linen is very desirable, it’s soft and the feeling is very hard to replicate by any mechanical process.

Benefits of linen

    - Linen is 30% stronger than cotton

    - Has a high moisture absorbency

    - Highly breathable hence very suitable for tropical climatic conditions

    - Structurally sound fiber so products keep their shape

    - Environmentally friendly – less water and chemicals to cultivate


Cotton is most commonly used because of its breathability, texture, absorbency, and durability. Breathability makes it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It is soft and feels nice against the skin. It holds its color and is strong to last through the years.  So it is an easy decision when choosing a dress shirt fabric: choose 100% cotton. Unfortunately, your decisions are not simple. There are several kinds of cotton, each serving a distinct purpose in your closet. Here are a few descriptions and recommendations to help you make your choice.  Some of the common cotton terms are as follows:

Long Staple – Staple refers to the length of cotton fiber. Long staple fiber ranges between 1 ¼” and 2 ¼” and they are stronger, more expensive and luxurious than shorter staple cottons. Egyptian, Sea Island and Pima cottons are known for their long staples.

Egyptian Cotton

Usually used in ultrafine broadcloth shirts (in addition to bed sheets). Egyptian cotton was originally grown along the Nile River due to its ideal climate, but the Egyptian cotton is now grown in other parts of the world. Egyptian cottons fibers are long (1 ¾”) and they can be spun thinner creating a softer feel and higher thread count per inch.

Pima Cotton

Grown in Pima County, Arizona, it rivals the Egyptian version, and is considered by some to be finer (1 ½” staple length).

Sea Island Cotton

It is the most expensive cotton due to its long staple (1 ½” to 2 ¼”) and it is found in top-quality shirting fabrics.



Poplin is a strong cotton weave with closely woven threads in a simple criss cross pattern.

This is a lightweight, cool weave with a smooth and silky finish. Poplin fabrics are very breathable, so a poplin shirt is ideal worn under a suit or on a warm day.


Pinpoint is a two-over, one-under thread pattern that creates a strong fabric with a fine square-like texture. This weave is medium weight and breathable, so a pinpoint shirt will hang well but still be relatively cool.


Herringbone is a diagonal weave with a pattern resembling a reversing zigzag or a fish skeleton (which is where the name “herringbone” comes from). This weave is more water resistant than plain weaves, so herringbone fabrics dry quickly and are easy to iron. Herringbone has a smooth feel, textured warmth, a soft drape and occasionally a slight sheen.


Twill is made by weaving twin horizontal threads under and over vertical threads to create a distinctive diagonal pattern. Twill fabric is soft and thick, resistant to creases and easy to  iron. It also drapes very well, producing a smart result.


Oxford is a type of basket weave with interlinking warp and weft threads. Often the threads running in one direction are colored, while the threads in the opposite direction are white, resulting in a two-tone textured appearance. The Oxford weave is popular in casual shirts, particularly with a button-down collar, although Oxford shirts can certainly be worn to the office if the cut and finish are professional enough. Oxford fabrics are thick  and warm, perfect to wear on cool days.

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