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Fabric Care

Enjoy wearing your favorite JOHN LOUIS dress for long by following simple garment care guidelines mentioned below. For specific details please refer to the wash care label attached to the dress. It is quite easy to read the wash care symbols on JOHN LOUIS clothes. If you do not know how to the wash care symbols, then refer to the section below to understand our wash care instructions. Once you familiarize yourself with these explanations for what each little symbol means, future washes will be a breeze.


  • Always unbutton, turn up the collar and turn the shirt inside out.
  • Sort your shirts by color, keeping whites, darks, brights, and medium colors separate
  • For normal wear shirts we recommend a 30-40C washing program.
  • For more soiled shirts you can use a 40-60C washing program and if needed pre-treat any stain with a detergent approximately 30 minutes before washing.
  • Set the machine on low-spin dry program, which saves energy and reduces the wear and tear.
  • Leave space for your shirts and detergent to move freely in the washing machine for better cleaning, do not overload the machine.
  • Measure washing powder accurately and follow the advice on the washing powder package.
  • Allow your shirt dry on a hanger and button the collar in room temperature.
  • Stretch the cuff, collar and front placket softly. Do not wring the shirt.
  • A light ironing may be desirable for that extra finishing touch. Avoid ironing the cuffs and collar on a high heat setting, lower the heat and iron them gently.


Cotton is a natural fiber that "breathes" which makes it cooler to wear than a cotton/poly mix, but makes it more susceptible to wrinkling. Cotton gets creases on washing and wrinkles when worn. Many colored cottons fabrics are non-colorfast so wash them separately when new. Cotton is weakened and may be destroyed by contact with acids - even mild ones like fruit juice - if left for long periods.

Wash Care:

  • Cotton can be easily laundered, it can withstand warm temperatures
  • Any good detergent can be used to wash cotton.
  • Chlorine bleach can be used safely on cotton whites, use color safe bleach on dyed cottons.
  • Since cotton wrinkle easily so they will require ironing.
  • A higher heat setting is needed in the dryer to dry cotton. Cotton will take much longer to dry than less absorbent fibers, but do not set the temperature too high or dry the shirts for too long, or it will create excessive shrinkage.
  • Cotton can be ironed with a hot iron.


JOHN LOUIS’sLinens League shirts can be safely washed using a normal wash cycle, but will definitely need ironing. Linen shirts will need to be washed a couple of times to "soften" up the fabric. Our Linen shirts will shrink depending on how much you wash and dry them, to avoid excess shrinkage try dry cleaning. Dry cleaning them always will not get that initial softening effect you need, so they should be washed a couple of times at first if you plan to dry clean them always.

Wash Care:

  • Linen shirts and Cotton Linen shirts can be washed easily and become softer with use.
  • You can use gentle bleach in small amounts on your White Linen shirts.
  • If you wash and dry your Linen shirts at home there is a tendency for colored shirts to fade.
  • Generally speaking, dry cleaning is recommended if you do not want to see a lot of shrinkage or fading with your Linen shirts.
  • Linen fabrics will need frequent ironing to reduce wrinkling.


Items made from a Cotton-Polyester mix are considered "wrinkle resistant". The lower the Cotton content in the shirt the less the shirts will wrinkle. You can wash and wear Cotton/Polyester shirts with minimal or no ironing.

Wash Care:

  • Use warm water and add a fabric softener if you choose.
  • Machine dry at low temperature setting and remove articles as soon as the tumbling cycle is complete.
  • If ironing is needed, use a moderately warm iron.
  • Our Cotton/Poly shirts can be dry cleaned if you wish.
  • Follow all other laundering instructions mentioned at the beginning.


Wash Symbol: Shown as a bucket filled with water, the Wash Symbol tells you what temperature or machine setting you should use to wash the item of clothing.


Temperature indication: Inside the ‘Normal Wash’ symbol, there will be a temperature value that signifying temperature range.


Hand Wash: The Hand Wash symbol is the standard wash symbol with a hand at the top. For ‘Hand Wash’ clothing, do not use a washing machine. Instead wash garments in a sink or small tub, using your hands to ensure that the cleaning liquid is thoroughly rubbed into the material and subsequently rinsed out. Check your cleaning liquid to make sure it is suitable for hand washing – milder detergents have been specifically designed for hand wash use, and they are safe for your clothes and for your hands!

Do Not Wash: The Do Not Wash symbol is the standard wash symbol with a cross through it. If the label instructs you not to wash the item, it will have to be dry cleaned after it gets dirty – see the section on Dry Cleaning Symbols below.

Do Not Bleach: A triangle with crossed lines means ‘do not bleach’ – you should not attempt to use any kind of bleach on this garment.

Do Not Iron: Anold fashioned iron symbol with crossed lines means ‘do not iron’ – you should not attempt ironing on this garment

Iron: To make life easy, the ironing symbol is shaped like an old-fashioned iron.

Ironing symbols also employ the same dot system for heat levels, which should be adjustable on your iron.

Iron on high: Three dots mean that the item can be ironed on high

Iron on medium: Two dots mean that it can be ironed on medium

Iron on low: One dot means that it can be ironed on low.

Dry Clean: The dry cleaning symbol is a circle.

Do Not Dry Clean: : A crossed-out circle means that you should not dry-clean the item.

Dry Clean Only: For clothes that are dry clean only, the circle has a letter ‘P’ inside it.

Dry Clean Normal: Clothes that should be dry-cleaned under normal conditions will have a letter ‘F’ inside the circle.

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